The 37th Bali Art Festival is held this June until July 2015

Bali Art Festival
Annual Celebration of Arts and Culture in Bali
June 13th, 2015 – July 11th, 2015


Bali Arts Festival is considered as one of the enchanting celebration of the year! Aside from the colorful music and art performances, it touches the realization that art affects daily endeavours. The festival will be held at Bali, Indonesia from the month of June until July. Explore each various events which showcases the creative handicrafts exhibitions, arts by means of music, dance and beauty. The cultural parade will be happening where people n their distinct costumes are eye-catching. This is also one way promoting Balenese culture for tourism.

On regular days, a visit to the Denpasar Art Centre is a small tour to admire magnificent sculptures and Balinese architectural features as well as a venue of choice for photo shoots with exotic backdrops. But throughout the Bali Arts Festival in June and July, the complex becomes alive with colourful traditional bamboo and coconut leaf decorations and banners. Crowds gather in front of its open stages, auditoriums and outdoor pavilions to witness a variety of traditional and contemporary dances, shadow puppetry, music compositions and youth competitions that fill the festival agenda. Hundreds of artisans from the Denpasar municipality, Bali’s eight provinces, other neighbouring islands and even art troupes from abroad participate and showcase their talents. Now in its 37th year, the Bali Arts Festival returns June 13 to July 11, 2015, and takes on the theme "Jagadhita: Strengthening Public Welfare".

Following the June 13 weekend kick-off this year, with lavish parades around the Bajra Sandhi monument in Denpasar, witness a series of stage performances by art groups from the subdistricts in the Bangli, Gianyar and Karangasem regencies at the Angsoka, Ratna Kanda and Ksirarnawa stages of the Arts Centre in Denpasar. The Ardha Candra main open stage features a female Gong Kebyar performance, brought to you by the Mekar Sari Balerung art community of the Peliatan village in Ubud. The following days up to Saturday, July 11, 2015, these stages feature a wide and colourful variety of performances from different art groups from all over the island and Indonesia for the Bali Arts Festival, offering a lively celebration of arts and culture for all to see.

Through July 11, the weeks are filled with traditional music shows and gamelan recitals at the Ayodya and Angsoka stage, and even evening Balinese documentary film screenings at the Ksirarnawa auditorium. Balinese children’s Gong Kebyar gamelan jam sessions at the Ardha Candra open-air amphitheatre are also a unique show, with vocal, musical and dance collaborations presented by gong troupes from Denpasar and the Tabanan regency. Besides the live performances, the yearly event also features handicraft, painting and sculpture exhibitions, together with a traditional culinary festival that presents favourite Balinese dishes. The Bali Arts Festival closes with a lively ceremony comprising an evening traditional ballet known as ‘sendratari’ held at the Ardha Candra open stage from 20:00.

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  • Opening Hours: Mon–Sat, 10:00–22:00
  • Location: Denpasar Arts Centre (Taman Werdhi Budaya), Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar
  • Tel: +62 (0)361 227 176


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