Uluwatu Temple


Uluwatu is the most famous wave of Bali. There is always some swell here so it's also always crowded. The spot offers several waves which are working with different swells and tides:

The Peak: best at mid and high tide. Closes out at low tide. In front of the cave. it's the most consistant. Short and powerful waves, tubes. The take off is moving. It works from 1ft to 8ft. The most crowded. One of the sections closes more than the others.

Racetracks: 100 meters further. fast wave, a lot of sections with easy tubes. Best at low tide and at 6ft. Can hold bigger swell. On the right tide and the right swell, "The Peak" connects with "Racetraks" (you need to be a good tuberider). Over 10 ft, Racetracks breaks until "The Corner".

Inside Corner: best at mid and low tide with a 6ft swell. At first, it's a fun wave and the final bowl is a tube. Don't do a cutback just before the bowl! Take plenty of speed, stay high in the face and trim. You will pass the tube.

Uluwatu TempleOutside Corner: the REAL Uluwatu. Works only with big swells (>8 feet) and at low tide. The lower is the tide, the better is the wave. Take at least a 7' board. It is a succession of long walls good for carving and, sometimes, a beautiful final tube. The length is around 300 meters.

Temple: less surfed. Two waves in fact ("Outside temple" and "The Bombies"). Only for experts because the water is very shallow. For them, it is a incredible tube when it works.


To Eat, To Buy, To Stay, To Do

Various restaurants and cafes throughout Uluwatu, from cheap food stalls to luxury restaurants.

Naturally, the souvenirs around here are sea-related products, such as items made of seashells and corals. But of course, there are also the modern kind of merchandises, such as T-shirts. 

There are many accommodations from warung (warung is a traditional cafe), motels, hotels to villas. The prices range from $5 to $2000 for a day. If you stay in a warung you just need to pay for the meals. You'll find better accomodations like starred hotels near resorts. Just click the Find a Hotel button.


Spot information for surfing at Uluwatu:
Type of break: reef break Type of wave: hollow barreling wave Direction: left hand Bottom: coral Average lenght of ride: long Suitable for : expert level

Detailed information:
Crowd level: a big crowd Best tide: mid Ideal board size: 6'8-7'4 Mini gun Ideal wind direction: south-east

Wavesize & wetsuit:
Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter Overhead: 6'- 8' – Ok : 2'- 4' – Overhead: 6'- 8' – Overhead: 6'- 8' Boardshorts – Boardshorts – Boardshorts – Boardshorts

(Source: www.globalsurfer.com. Image credit: www.baliwaves.com)

Uluwatu is about one hour drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can use a taxi from the airport. Or you can go to Denpasar and to find a travel agent or auto rental. Many rentals also provide motorcycles.

(Source: http://www.indonesia.travel)

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